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Our Culture

Chief’s culture is based on our mission and core values.  We strive to provide unparalleled personal attention to our customers while demonstrating dignity and respect to all stakeholders.  Our core values include family, speed, respect, fun and dedication to others. We have employees from all walks of life. Some come to us straight out of college to work in design or drafting, while others have made career changes after years in unrelated industries. Our talented people may have come from previous retail employment, general contracting work, teaching school, driving a truck, or are military veterans, were farmers, and so much more. We have seasoned professionals with decades of experience as well, but we are always looking for more people that are dedicated to excellence and would enjoy our family friendly work environment. If you have the talent and the desire, we continue to grow and always need good people. We consider our employees family. Many of our employees have lived in our community their entire lives, but we have transplants from all across the US too. If you share some of these common values, we invite you to check us out.

Career Minded Employees


A career at Chief does not look the same for every employee. With many employees still racking up years of tenure in excess of 25 years, you can bet their career paths have been varied. As our company has grown, the employees that started with us in the early years have grown right along with us. They are now our team leaders, our department managers, our resident product gurus, but most importantly they are the heart and soul of Chief.

A dedication to bringing new solutions to the table year after year means that the job never gets old. Having your closest friends officing down the halls or picking up their next building order, means its all worthwhile. Our company culture is such that people treat each other fairly, with dignity and respect, and to no surprise that’s exactly how we conduct business.

  • Kenyatta Abrams

    Kenyatta Abrams

    Machine Operator

  • Chris Sulu

    Chris Sulu - Drafter

    "I enjoy working with the AutoCAD program and always find something new to learn about steel buildings. That, along with the people I get to work with, makes my workdays more enjoyable than other jobs I have had."

  • Jill Bucknell

    Jill Bucknell

    Structural Steel Detailer


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South Carolina careers


If you are interested in career positions at our new Lancaster, South Carolina plant then please click the link below and let us know. Job postings continue to be updated to the Chief website. In the meantime, we are busy outfitting the facility with new machines and making preparations for even more machines throughout 2023. Check back often for updates.


Are you looking for an opportunity to join a growing global company that will recognize and reward your innovative contributions, team spirit and dedication to customer satisfaction? Look no further than Chief Buildings. With our competitive compensation and benefits package, and our wide range of employment opportunities, you are likely to find a career that will fit your unique talents and interests.